Sep 18 2017

Finalternatives - Real Talk With Michal Dziegielewski

Finalternatives interviews Michal Dziegielewski to discuss quantitative hedge fund strategies and how this space is evolving.

Jul 31 2017

Rise of 'Black Box' Quants Spurs Sharper Questions

The FQS Investment Research Director, Michal Dziegielewski is quoted in the FT's  'Fund Fire' in an article entitled 'Rise of Black Box Quants Spurs Sharper Questions.

Rise of ‘Black Box’ Quants Spurs Sharper Questions

Jun 07 2017

Leverage poised to make a comeback on calm markets

Dr Frey, the Chief Investment Officer at FQS Capital Partners is interviewed as part of the Financial Times article 'Leverage posied to make a comeback on calm markets'.

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