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Jan 24 2017

FQS Seeks Managers for Quant Fund of Funds

Bloomberg Brief's article on FQS's search for Quant managers for its Quant Fund of Fund

Feb 18 2016

Threats to hedge fund managers’ ‘secret sauce'

Dr Robert Frey is quoted in a leading FT article that discusses hedge fund replication. "I have very little regard for these hedge fund replicators" says Robert Frey, chief investment officer at FQS, a fund-of-hedge funds and a quantitative finance professor at Stony Brook University. "They all fail miserably when the market regime shifts."

Jan 21 2016

Financial Times - 'Fintech: Search for a super algo'

Dr Robert Frey, along with a number of other renowned quantitative scientists, is interviewed for the Financial Times article 'Fintech: Search for a super algo'. The FT article discusses at the length the exponential rise in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning by quantitative hedge funds and asset managers. Dr Frey commented that "while a supercomputer can now beat chess grandmasters, both can lose to a human player with the help of a standard laptop and chess simulation program. Similar combinations are the future of money management, argues Robert Frey, a former managing director at Renasissance Technologies, one of the most successful hedge funds of all time. Mr Frey now runs his own fund-of-funds and teaches quantitative finance at Stony Brook University. 'We should let the human brain do what it is good at, and let computers do what they are good at' he says. 'Marrying the two is a powerful thing'."