Family Offices

Working with FQS

FQS provides HNWI's and family offices with a bespoke investment advisory service with specialist capabilities in alternative investment mandates. We offer our clients expertise in all aspects of the investment management process including investment strategy, portfolio construction & manager selection, in addition to back-office and corporate services such as structuring, legal and compliance. 

Portfolio Management

Our proprietary portfolio management tools enable family offices to manage their portfolios of hedge funds and alternative investments. 

Quantitative Analysis

FQS has developed a suite of quantitative tools and models to better understand and quantify risk, enabling deeper analysis and faster filtering. The proprietary FQS Factor Model is at the core of our quantitative investment approach. This state-of-the-art tool aims to enhance fund selection and portfolio construction by de-constructing a fund's return stream into component parts, segregating manager skill (alpha) and market exposure (beta), providing insights that may not be apparent from traditional statistical analysis.